Hillsborough Public School

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About our school

Hillborough Public School provides a welcoming environment where all students are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential in the academic, cultural, creative, technological and sporting arenas.

Our school has a strong focus on quality teaching including literacy, numeracy and engagement of students through information technologies, sport and the performing arts.

There is a school-wide focus on quality, evidence-based teaching practices supported by the Powerful Learning Accountable Teaching framework and a commitment to key literacy programs including Focus on Reading and Language, Learning and Literacy [L3].

The motivated and professional staff work in collaborative teams to design, implement and deliver effective curriculum programs and support professional learning.

The school conducts a number of programs to promote excellence and creativity, fostering opportunities to participate in enrichment and extension programs including:

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Dance
  • Public Speaking and Debating
  • PSSA Sport¬†
  • Student Parliament.¬†

The school values positive community relationships and has a dedicated and supportive Parents and Citizens' Association. Hillsborough Public School is an active partner in the Cardiff Community of Schools which undertakes collaborative initiatives for staff, students and community. The school is highly regarded in the local community and staff and parents have high expectations for student achievement.

Families considering Hillsborough Public School for their child's education are encouraged to contact the school for more information.

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