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Primary Classes: S2 and S3



In our primary classes students are expected to provide their own equipment for every-day use.

In order to ensure your child is prepared for learning in Stage Two and Three, please refer to the following list of equipment/resources that your child will need every day:

  • several good quality lead pencils [some of the cheaper brands tend to break easily]
  • 30cm ruler [no steel rulers]
  • a white eraser [enough for classwork only, not a collection]
  • blue and red pens will be required by Year 4, 5 and 6 students [Year 4 students will need their pens when they earn a Pen Licence –generally in Term Three]
  • sharpener
  • good quality coloured pencils
  • a highlighter
  • a pair of earbuds or light-weight headphones in a clearly labelled snap-lock bag [for use with classroom computers and iPads]
  • a small pencil case to sit on the desk holding the everyday ‘toolkit' items [a larger pencil case may be stored elsewhere but most of our classrooms have under desk storage space, and large pencil cases or pencil tins simply won't fit].

Optional Items

  • textas [the children may have occasional opportunities to use textas]
  • scissors
  • laptops

***We ask that every child contribute 3 large glue-sticks and a box of tissues for the classroom***

Students are not to bring liquid paper or correction pens, or the electric erasers.  

All stationery items should be labelled and neatly stored.